Experiences with the Dusty Government

First Experiment

It is unbelievable, but important things first. So I closed my mouth, sat down and looked at the kitchen table. Our kitchen table was made from pure wood in a light yellow and nearly white colour. But now it was completely in a different more grey colour and the wood could be seen only at four spots. 2 outer circles and two minus signs in the middle. Who or what made it? The children are still in school, my wife at work and the nanny has no key. Without a special purpose, just to do something while thinking, I underlined each symbol. And amazingly, after a while my underlines are underlined so that it looks like an equal sign below each original sign. It seems that this physical effect is able to copy my drawings. So I made now a small circle below each equal sign. And after some minutes a second circle has “grown”, so that the result looks like an eight. I got excited and prepared some more experiments.

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I tried to remember, where I have seen this already. At the refrigerator, the fences, the wall and now here in the grass. I have the feeling, that I have forgotten one incident. But the careful reader will surely remember. Guess and comment!

I stood up again. It is hard to think, assume, estimate, when you have so few information. I took a closer look at the grass and I saw that all blades have been bend down in a clockwise direction. Even the rectangular area consists of small circles. Very amazing. I knew no physical or biological explanation.

I returned home because I needed more information to solve this riddle. I chose another way but I have not seen any more signs.
When I entered the front yard of my home, I noticed the flickering G (the first letter of my family name) beside the main door. But my thoughts have been some where else and not at some old electrical connections. I entered the house, went into the kitchen for a coffee, but I did not reach the coffee machine. I stood there, my mouth open, can this what I see now, really be?

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The forest

I crossed the big street and entered the park on the other side. I like to be in a forest like this. Green environment, fresh good non-polluted air and singing birds. It was a small park with a way around a lake, some meadows and park benches where you can relax.

I sat down on a bench and looked into the sky. I took a deep breath. It was wonderful to sit there. My eyes walked over the meadows and suddenly have been caught by a regular structure in the grass. I stood up and went nearer. It looks like somebody has placed two pales and two of the rectangle business cases on the grass and has removed them short before I arrived. Maybe you already can guess it, the grass pressed down to the ground has formed again a “o - - o”.
I cannot remember, what I really thought in this moment. At first, I still thought of the children, but it was already some hours ago, when they went to school. Then I got completely puzzled, because when this sign in the grass has a different reason, than maybe the tags on the wall, the fences and the refrigerator has also a different reason.

I like to solve puzzles and this seems to be an interesting one. I returned to the bench and started to think.

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Children’s graffiti

The children of today they have really a crazy habit to put their “tags” somewhere on public walls. Here on the way to the bus station, I saw plenty of this tag like a “o - - o” on each fence up to the bus station. It was similar to that what I saw this morning on the refrigerator before the nanny cleaned and replaced it by her own drawing.

I was happy that they did not touch the white walls of the far restaurant near the bus station, which I could hardly see from here. But when I came closer, I also saw the tags on the white walls. Why did I not see it earlier?
The tag here was larger, so they must have used a bigger pen. But when I took a closer look, I saw, that the lines have been made very perfect. No edges even at the “minus”-sign, all was rounded and have nearly the same colour. The slight differences in the colour show me that the whole tag was made of small circles or dots. They are really good artists, but they should respect the property of others and they should not spend too much time for this on their way to school.

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The scribbles

I stood up and looked at the scribble of the nanny. It was a square with a star on the left and two persons on the right. Ah, I smiled. I understood.
She is telling me, that she is a good worker, able to clean the kitchen very well and now she is telling me indirectly by this graphic, that she wants from me (indicated by the two persons) more money (the star on the left.)

Yes, I agreed. She is good and we didn’t want to loose her. I memorised that next time, I will give her an additional.

I got a rug and cleaned the door myself. It was not easy, the dirt was mixed with fat or something similar. But finally the refrigerator was again in its original white.

It can be satisfying to make something good looking. But it seems nobody will ever admire me for the result of five cleaning minutes. So I went out for a walk into the near forest. The first part of the way is the same as the children use every day for their walk to the bus station which will bring them to school. And soon I saw signs that my children really have used today exactly this way.

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The Refrigerator

When I woke up, I returned into the kitchen to get a coffee. The nanny was already there and has prepared a coffee for me. After so many years she really knows what I need after I wake up.
She was already finished with her work. I paid her, accompanied her to the door and returned to my coffee.

I thought about the customer meeting and what I will write into the report about the meeting. I also thought about the opening of the Berlin Wall last night and what will happen now. The economy of East-Germany has suffered in the fifties and early sixties very hard from the loss of good workers who walked, fled, escaped from their country into the “Golden West”. These losses has been the major reason, why the wall has been built. And now, when everybody can go to the prosperous West-Germany without any danger, how long the government of the GDR (German Democratic Republic) will allow this?

It seems to me that we have again a critical time in the world’s politic similar to the August 13, 1961, when the border between East and West have been closed and the wall has been erected. At that time, the USA and Russia (or the USSR) stood face to face (or better tank to tank) at the border and any nervous soldier could start a World War III.

So I was deep in thought, when something caught my attention. Something has changed in the kitchen, but was it? It looked unfamiliar but I could not see the difference at once. I stood up, looked somewhere else and then I returned to the original view. Yes, that’s it. The refrigerator was dirty again.

The nanny started to tease me. Cleaning first the front door to the blinking white and during my sleep, she returned the dirty water to the refrigerator. But I had to take a closer look. There are some lines and figures.

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The kitchen

The next day, I woke up with a dry throat. Also my eyes felt like I have had a long intercontinental flight behind me. Maybe at that time a short flight from Berlin (Eastern Europe) to Northern West-Germany was considered as an intercontinental flight. But my eyes didn’t care about these political jokes. They wanted water. So I got up, stumbled into the bath room and took a long shower. The water runs over my body, my eyes felt better like flowers would feel when they are watered after a long time. The water in the tub looks a little bit grey. Did I not shower yesterday, after I arrived home?

Fresh I went into the kitchen. I really slept too long. My wife was already gone to work and the children have been in the school. But they have shown me, that they are thinking of me. They painted some symbols (a circle, 2 lines and again a circle all in one row) into the dirt of the former white refrigerator. I did not know what they want to tell me with these symbols, but at least, they show me that they are intelligent. “What else can they be? I am their father.“ have been my definitely not humble thoughts. But I have to scold our nanny. The kitchen is really too dirty.

I ate my usual breakfast (Muesli with milk) and I got sleepy again. The door bell rang short, long, long , short. “Who is so impatient?” I grumbled and opened the door. It was the nanny, I opened my mouth to tell her that one ring is enough, but she was faster: “How did you know?” she asked. “Good morning.” I answered ignoring her question. Then I let her in and she started her usual work in the bath room. I went into our dining room near the kitchen and called my employer. I informed him about being weak from the trip yesterday and that I will not attend the office today.
Back in the kitchen, I continued the Muesli and while I was thinking that there was still something, which I should have told our nanny. I looked around, trying to remember and when I saw the refrigerator, I was reminded. But wow, she has been very fast. The original white colour was restored, the symbols have been removed. She is really a good worker. Knowing that she will be busy the next hours, I returned into the bed and slept another round.

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