Experiences with the Dusty Government

Children’s graffiti

The children of today they have really a crazy habit to put their “tags” somewhere on public walls. Here on the way to the bus station, I saw plenty of this tag like a “o - - o” on each fence up to the bus station. It was similar to that what I saw this morning on the refrigerator before the nanny cleaned and replaced it by her own drawing.

I was happy that they did not touch the white walls of the far restaurant near the bus station, which I could hardly see from here. But when I came closer, I also saw the tags on the white walls. Why did I not see it earlier?
The tag here was larger, so they must have used a bigger pen. But when I took a closer look, I saw, that the lines have been made very perfect. No edges even at the “minus”-sign, all was rounded and have nearly the same colour. The slight differences in the colour show me that the whole tag was made of small circles or dots. They are really good artists, but they should respect the property of others and they should not spend too much time for this on their way to school.

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