Experiences with the Dusty Government

The scribbles

I stood up and looked at the scribble of the nanny. It was a square with a star on the left and two persons on the right. Ah, I smiled. I understood.
She is telling me, that she is a good worker, able to clean the kitchen very well and now she is telling me indirectly by this graphic, that she wants from me (indicated by the two persons) more money (the star on the left.)

Yes, I agreed. She is good and we didn’t want to loose her. I memorised that next time, I will give her an additional.

I got a rug and cleaned the door myself. It was not easy, the dirt was mixed with fat or something similar. But finally the refrigerator was again in its original white.

It can be satisfying to make something good looking. But it seems nobody will ever admire me for the result of five cleaning minutes. So I went out for a walk into the near forest. The first part of the way is the same as the children use every day for their walk to the bus station which will bring them to school. And soon I saw signs that my children really have used today exactly this way.

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