Experiences with the Dusty Government


I tried to remember, where I have seen this already. At the refrigerator, the fences, the wall and now here in the grass. I have the feeling, that I have forgotten one incident. But the careful reader will surely remember. Guess and comment!

I stood up again. It is hard to think, assume, estimate, when you have so few information. I took a closer look at the grass and I saw that all blades have been bend down in a clockwise direction. Even the rectangular area consists of small circles. Very amazing. I knew no physical or biological explanation.

I returned home because I needed more information to solve this riddle. I chose another way but I have not seen any more signs.
When I entered the front yard of my home, I noticed the flickering G (the first letter of my family name) beside the main door. But my thoughts have been some where else and not at some old electrical connections. I entered the house, went into the kitchen for a coffee, but I did not reach the coffee machine. I stood there, my mouth open, can this what I see now, really be?

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