Experiences with the Dusty Government

The forest

I crossed the big street and entered the park on the other side. I like to be in a forest like this. Green environment, fresh good non-polluted air and singing birds. It was a small park with a way around a lake, some meadows and park benches where you can relax.

I sat down on a bench and looked into the sky. I took a deep breath. It was wonderful to sit there. My eyes walked over the meadows and suddenly have been caught by a regular structure in the grass. I stood up and went nearer. It looks like somebody has placed two pales and two of the rectangle business cases on the grass and has removed them short before I arrived. Maybe you already can guess it, the grass pressed down to the ground has formed again a “o - - o”.
I cannot remember, what I really thought in this moment. At first, I still thought of the children, but it was already some hours ago, when they went to school. Then I got completely puzzled, because when this sign in the grass has a different reason, than maybe the tags on the wall, the fences and the refrigerator has also a different reason.

I like to solve puzzles and this seems to be an interesting one. I returned to the bench and started to think.

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