Experiences with the Dusty Government

The kitchen

The next day, I woke up with a dry throat. Also my eyes felt like I have had a long intercontinental flight behind me. Maybe at that time a short flight from Berlin (Eastern Europe) to Northern West-Germany was considered as an intercontinental flight. But my eyes didn’t care about these political jokes. They wanted water. So I got up, stumbled into the bath room and took a long shower. The water runs over my body, my eyes felt better like flowers would feel when they are watered after a long time. The water in the tub looks a little bit grey. Did I not shower yesterday, after I arrived home?

Fresh I went into the kitchen. I really slept too long. My wife was already gone to work and the children have been in the school. But they have shown me, that they are thinking of me. They painted some symbols (a circle, 2 lines and again a circle all in one row) into the dirt of the former white refrigerator. I did not know what they want to tell me with these symbols, but at least, they show me that they are intelligent. “What else can they be? I am their father.“ have been my definitely not humble thoughts. But I have to scold our nanny. The kitchen is really too dirty.

I ate my usual breakfast (Muesli with milk) and I got sleepy again. The door bell rang short, long, long , short. “Who is so impatient?” I grumbled and opened the door. It was the nanny, I opened my mouth to tell her that one ring is enough, but she was faster: “How did you know?” she asked. “Good morning.” I answered ignoring her question. Then I let her in and she started her usual work in the bath room. I went into our dining room near the kitchen and called my employer. I informed him about being weak from the trip yesterday and that I will not attend the office today.
Back in the kitchen, I continued the Muesli and while I was thinking that there was still something, which I should have told our nanny. I looked around, trying to remember and when I saw the refrigerator, I was reminded. But wow, she has been very fast. The original white colour was restored, the symbols have been removed. She is really a good worker. Knowing that she will be busy the next hours, I returned into the bed and slept another round.

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