Experiences with the Dusty Government

The Refrigerator

When I woke up, I returned into the kitchen to get a coffee. The nanny was already there and has prepared a coffee for me. After so many years she really knows what I need after I wake up.
She was already finished with her work. I paid her, accompanied her to the door and returned to my coffee.

I thought about the customer meeting and what I will write into the report about the meeting. I also thought about the opening of the Berlin Wall last night and what will happen now. The economy of East-Germany has suffered in the fifties and early sixties very hard from the loss of good workers who walked, fled, escaped from their country into the “Golden West”. These losses has been the major reason, why the wall has been built. And now, when everybody can go to the prosperous West-Germany without any danger, how long the government of the GDR (German Democratic Republic) will allow this?

It seems to me that we have again a critical time in the world’s politic similar to the August 13, 1961, when the border between East and West have been closed and the wall has been erected. At that time, the USA and Russia (or the USSR) stood face to face (or better tank to tank) at the border and any nervous soldier could start a World War III.

So I was deep in thought, when something caught my attention. Something has changed in the kitchen, but was it? It looked unfamiliar but I could not see the difference at once. I stood up, looked somewhere else and then I returned to the original view. Yes, that’s it. The refrigerator was dirty again.

The nanny started to tease me. Cleaning first the front door to the blinking white and during my sleep, she returned the dirty water to the refrigerator. But I had to take a closer look. There are some lines and figures.

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  • Your blog is getting to be exciting and seems to be full of surprises. I like your style of incorporating some historical happenings in your blog , it gives us readers a glimpse of what happened in past decades

    By Anonymous Djork, at 25 January, 2006 02:16  

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