Experiences with the Dusty Government

The Eighties

The years passed. We called this decade „The Eighties“. Plenty of important things has happened in these years
Margaret Thatcher was elected in the UK as well as Ronald Reagan in the USA.
The personal Computer was invented (I have seen the PC jr. on the Comdex in Las Vegas)
The Internet spread out and plenty of people are calling this decade the time when our western society makes its change from the industrial to the Digital Age.
Reagan started the “Star Wars” a new threat against the Soviet Union.
In the Soviet Union Michael Gorbachev introduces Glasnost and Perestroika, with which the Cold War finally ended.
But at the end of any war the defeated party will get desperate. So there have been fears that somebody in East Europe or Russia will do something crazy to avoid the loss of power.

For me personally the most important was the Fall of the Berlin Wall in East Germany in 1989, preparing the way to German reunification. On November 9, 1989 I was in Berlin for a meeting with a customer. Because it was a short meeting, we met each other at the airport and after I returned home I saw in the TV news, what important part of history I have just missed in Berlin.

“What a pity” I thought at that evening.

But not in my wildest dreams I have thought that others have made decisions in the weeks before regarding my life.

This evening I only sat on the balcony, watching the sun set and its reflections in the tile field of my garden. It was cold and I coughed a bit. So I sipped a soda and crawled under a woollen blanket and enjoyed the fresh air in the twilight of this day in November 1989.

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  • Story is getting to be exciting. I am learning more about what happened in past decades.

    By Anonymous Djork, at 22 January, 2006 04:25  

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