Experiences with the Dusty Government

More experiments

My primary intention was to find out the physical effect, which is behind all this. So I made “walls” of different kinds to suppress any “communication” between the area where I made some signs and the area where the copy appears. Some things, I realised. The copy appeared only in the grey area on the table. No wall (paper, book, metal) stopped the copy. Only the metal caused a little delay.
But I stopped soon. Whatever I do here, it cannot explain the signs on the fence or on the meadow in the forest. So either I am getting crazy or E.T. in a flying saucer is visiting me. When I thought about aliens, I got a little bit nervous. So I started the “alien experiment”: I made one line ... the copy appeared. Then I made two lines and two more lines could be seen after a while. Now I draw three lines. The expected answer of three lines came out and I expected now, that an intelligent alien would continue with 4, 5, 6 lines and so on. My heart started to bump heavily but I saw no other reaction on the table. I got impatient and draw four lines. The copy could be seen, but nothing more. No remarkable intelligence there, nobody was talking with me.
In some way I was disappointed and felt relieved at the same time. Disappointed because I had still no answers for my questions and relieved because I would not know what to do, when I would have got this type of visitors.
So I felt happy when the children returned from school and I have to take care of them. I put a blanket over the table to avoid questions and dedicated myself to the family.

First Experiment

It is unbelievable, but important things first. So I closed my mouth, sat down and looked at the kitchen table. Our kitchen table was made from pure wood in a light yellow and nearly white colour. But now it was completely in a different more grey colour and the wood could be seen only at four spots. 2 outer circles and two minus signs in the middle. Who or what made it? The children are still in school, my wife at work and the nanny has no key. Without a special purpose, just to do something while thinking, I underlined each symbol. And amazingly, after a while my underlines are underlined so that it looks like an equal sign below each original sign. It seems that this physical effect is able to copy my drawings. So I made now a small circle below each equal sign. And after some minutes a second circle has “grown”, so that the result looks like an eight. I got excited and prepared some more experiments.

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